Dean Gladstone

Personal training

Full Health Assessment, Personalised Movement and Nutrition Program.Personalised session packages start at $200



Release, Move, Improve, I have been working with the Waveblade and I think they are amazing. It has improved my Yoga and my strength at the same time as helping me recover from injury. Contact me if your interested in getting one.



I'm passionate about using non toxic chemical cleaning products for my family and there are hundreds of uses for essential oils. I choose Doterra Essential Oils who are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. They harness nature's most powerful elements and you now have the oppertubity to buy there directly from me.



Holistic Breath work, Private Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Meditation, Health Retreats

Motivational Speaking

Ocean Safety, Healing with Nutrition and Movement

Wim Hof Method

Over time, we as humans have developed a different attitude towards nature and we've forgotten about our inner power. This is the ability of our body to adapt to extreme temperature and survive within our natural environment. The Wim Hof Method is based on this principle.